Water Tunnel Flash Sale!  $129 all day or $179 all weekend
This Saturday or Sunday only - plus delivery
Water Slide rentals in Arizona
A Child's Joy
Phoenix and surrounding area Delivery available
What is a Water Tunnel?
A Water Tunnel is basically a Slip n Slide  on steroids. Unlike the ones you played on as a kid, the sliding surface is raised up so you don't feel the rocks on the ground. We call them a Water Tunnel because Water rains down from the arches overhead. It's the one in the middle shown in the picture above.
Is it better than a Water Slide?
It depends on what you are looking for. In some ways yes, in others, no. It's a very interactive Water Toy. With a Water Tunnel the kids get a running start and dive head or feet first. Smaller kids have fun jumping and playing on the Water Tunnel as if it was a cool slippery Bounce House. It's perfect for ages from Pre-K through teens or young adult.
Is my Coupon good for Water Slides?
No, This special Flash Sale is for Water Tunnels only. Call us for info on any Water Slide or Water game specials A Child's Joy offers. We have over 20 Water Slides, Slip n Slides, Bounce House/Water Slide Combos and Water Tunnels as well as Dunk Tanks, Hydro Blaster Water Balloon Races and an inflatable Lagoon with Paddle Boats.